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TFC Classic Cork Beam Cradles

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For those who want to source their own tubing we're now offering our Classic Cork Cradles as a separate product. Still comes with access to our training system, much cheaper to ship internationally.


- A single pair of our Classic Cork Cradles.

The Foot Collective offers an excellent Beam Training System to add great value to this product. You can take a peak at it in advance once you have registered for a free membership to The Foot Collective Community here.

Customer Reviews

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This is a lot of fun to use. Compact and easy to keep out of the way but accessible.

Matt D
Great cradles for sourcing your own beam

I ended up purchasing a dowel from a local home improvement store and it works great with the TFC cradles - amazing value to get a beam setup that works. I love that the cradles are made of cork, are lightweight and won't damage any surfaces the beam is set up on.

If you're planning to use a beam longer than 4 feet, I'd suggest having more than 2 cradles (at least 3) to prevent excess bending in the middle. I've got a 4' dowel and it's been fine with 2 cradles.

Stefanie Bartfield
Fun and Empowering

We use the cork cradles with a 2” maple dowel to practice the beam drills. It’s fun (frustrating at times) and overall empowering to know how we are adding to our strength and mobility and seeing our progress!
Cradles are light and sturdy!

matt gerber

functional modality to have around the house, brought it with on vacation and put it next to the kitchen and everybody eventually got the courage to get on it and my dad even bought one for himself. 5 min/day since day 1

Michael Bentley
Great product

I would like the bars to attach to the bases easily

I used two sided tape to keep the parts together