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Hippie Lifestyle - T-shirt

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The Garments


Created in collaboration with Canadian company Local Laundry, all garments are proudly made in Canada by people making a living wage.

This Makes the garments more expensive but we think its worth the benefits of higher quality clothing, reducing our footprint and working with a company that gives back 10% of their profits to local charities

Sizing: All garments are unisex and come in sizes from XS to XL



Our new standard with Community centred apparel: 100% pricing transparency


Our costs:

Tees: $31.50 CAD (price: $41.50 CAD)

50/50 Crewneck: $52.50 CAD(price: $72.50 CAD)

Marled crewneck: $63.00 CAD(price: $83.00 CAD)

Organic bamboo crewneck: $68.25 CAD (price: $88.25 CAD)


Our profits: We make $10 on each tee and $20 on each crewneck

Our intention: to reinvest all revenue into new apparel campaigns

Thanks for supporting TFC. We look forward to an amazing future bringing you amazing products and guidance for your health journey. 


- TFC Tribe

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