Microdose for the Sole #1

in Jul 4, 2023

Welcome to Microdose for the Sole - a weekly dose of education for people who are hungry for truth and aspire to take better care of themselves, starting with their feet.

What if the shoes most people wear are damaging their feet?

What if chronic foot pain was avoidable?

What if resolving foot pain was simple?

What if the majority of foot “experts” are wrong?

What if healthy feet protect people from ankle, knee, hip and low back problems?

What if better shoes have the capacity to heal peoples feet?

In my learning journey to date, the answers to the questions above are what fuel my sense of purpose and meaning in spreading truth.

The shoes that 99% of people are wearing today ARE damaging their feet.

Foot pain IS avoidable.

Resolving foot pain IS simple.

The astounding majority of “foot experts” ARE wrong.

Healthy feet DO protect people from ankle, knee, hip and low back problems.

Better shoes DO have the capacity to heal peoples feet.

Those are bold statements and I promise to explain my reasoning and logic for each of them in weekly Microdoses for the Sole.

My name is Nick - I’m the guy who started The Foot Collective. My goal with this weekly microdose of information is to share insights about footwear and lower body health that I’ve collected over the past 8 years. I believe clarity is what facilitates action and my hope is to simplify lower body health for readers. I’ve come to see writing as a powerful tool to sharpen thinking and vow to treat your time and attention as sacred. I want this information to be easily understood, helpful, useful and empowering to those who apply it in their lives.

One of my core values is Truth, and when it comes to lower body health, my truth is derived from:

1) My own experience restoring healthy feet
2) My education and clinical experience as a physical therapist
3) Thousands of conversations I’ve had with people on the topic since 2015
4) Hundreds of success stories stories from humans around the world who found TFC and have restored a strong foundation for health

Sole Freedom exists to help people free their Soles from the damaging effects of unnatural footwear. We believe health begins at the foundation and natural footwear is the most powerful tool to heal human feet. Our primary focus as a retailer of natural footwear is to provide Canadians with access to great brands and styles from across the globe and to design a powerful in person and digital experience for our customers.

Footwear today remains widely misunderstood and continues to cause a lot of unnecessary suffering. Helping people take better care of themselves begins with education and this weekly Microdose for the Sole is my way of helping people access better information so they can make wise choices when purchasing footwear and taking care of their lower body.

Every Tuesday I’m going to post a short (max 5 minute read) article as a weekly microdose of education to help our community better understand why natural footwear and caring for your foundation is such an important element of whole body health. A microdose is a very small amount of something. Change is hard and I view health as a game to be played over a lifetime. Successfully improving ones health takes patience, a desire to learn and a motivation to make consistent, small changes that eventually deliver huge benefits over time.

If you find this information useful, please share it. Share it with your friends, family, clients, patients and anyone who is suffering from foot pain and is ready to make changes to take better care of themselves. If you want to contribute a testimonial or share your story on the weekly Microdose for the Sole, please email us at hello@SoleFreedom.ca. We love hearing from our community and sharing your success stories to inspire others.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting our work and thanks for taking care of yourself.

Next weeks Microdose for the Sole topic: Why do humans wear footwear?

Wishing you a wonderful week and lots of Love


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