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The topic of this weeks microdose is Freedom. As a company, one of our core values is Freedom so I want to dive a bit deeper into what Freedom means to us in the context of foot health.

Our mission as a company is to help our customers free their Soles (& souls) from:

- Unnatural shoes that deform, damage and disable their feet.

- A disease care that treats symptoms of foot pain without ever addressing the root cause.

- Foot "experts" who offer well intentioned but poor advice and keep them dependent on their products and services to feel good.

- Physical limitations that prevent them from living active lives.

- Long-standing and debilitating foot pain.

At Sole Freedom, we believe that the price of Freedom is ultimately personal responsibility. We exist to empower our customers with the knowledge and products they need to reclaim strong, healthy feet. Though education, we aspire to help people gain the ability to effectively respond to the challenge of restoring strong, stable, resilient and painfree feet.

The first step towards Freedom is understanding that unnatural shoes compromise and damage human feet. They compress, deform, stiffen and weaken our foundation which has significant long term consequences upstream in the body. Switching to natural footwear is how we protect ourselves from harmful footwear.

What most people currently call healthcare is actually disease care. Our disease care system is designed to wait until people break down, and then treat the symptoms of the issue without ever addressing the root cause. Freedom from this harmful system requires individuals to take more responsibility for taking care of themselves. The best way to avoid getting sick is to treat our bodies with respect. We do that by avoiding harmful behaviours and ensuring we act in alignment with our biology. When it comes to feet, the most effective way to avoid foot problems is wearing natural footwear - footwear that aligns with our biology.

While every health professional is doing their best to help their patients, the harsh truth is that virtually none of them are trained to help people heal and take care of themselves. They are trained to diagnose issues and treat symptoms. As a physical therapist, I was one of them. Freedom from well intentioned professionals giving poor advice begins with taking more responsibility for understanding how our bodies work and how to care for them. If you go see a health professional with a foot or lower leg issue and they don’t suggest natural footwear, they are not giving you optimal advice and don’t understand how feet work.

If you’ve ever had intense foot pain, you know how debilitating it can be. It limits your mobility, your independence, affects your mental state and can limit you from doing activities you love. Freedom from foot issues that limit your ability to live fully is the reward for taking care of your body and wearing the right footwear. Our job is to help you better understand how to take care of yourself and to make the right footwear available to purchase in Canada.

That’s what Freedom means to us at Sole Freedom. While our specific application of Freedom relates mostly to foot health, we believe that freeing your sole is a key stepping stone to freeing your Soul and allowing you to live an active, fulfilling, long healthy life.

Thanks for reading this and for taking care of yourself.

Share this with a friend or family member struggling with foot problems to help them upgrade their understanding and get on the path to Freedom.

Wishing you a great week.

Much Love


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