Cold Feet

in Oct 11, 2023

I'm testing a new writing style in this microdose.

Less formal & less words. Keep it simple because it is simple.

Let’s talk about cold feet and warm footwear.

The way I see it, the primary reason why people get cold feet is lack of motion in their feet caused by unnatural footwear.

This means that if you're wearing stiff footwear, it doesn't matter how much insulation it contains, if it doesn't allow motion at your foot, you're highly likely to have cold feet. Here's my logic:

Blood flow is what keeps our extremities warm.

Muscle activation is what stimulates blood flow.

Motion at joints creates muscle activation (that’s why the muscles exist).

Unnatural footwear disrupts motion at joints. Therefore, unnatural footwear that is stiff and compressive, is what causes our feet to get cold easily.

Being in Canada, people often ask us about "warm" boots so their feet don't get cold.

My stance is that It's less about the boot and more how much your feet are allowed to move.

Natural footwear is flexible so your feet can move like feet, which activates more muscle tissue, which stimulates more blood flow, which results in warmer feet. Not just when you're outside, all the time.

If you want to make your feet even more resilient to the cold, expose them to colder temperatures (input) and they will adapt to be even better at delivering heat (output). Specific adaptation (better at staying warm) to imposed demand (exposure to cold temperatures).

Summary: The warmth of your feet is much more dependent on the motion they are able to express in your footwear than the amount of insulation found in the footwear you're wearing.

Healthy feet are mobile, muscular, warm feet.

Have cold feet? Work on improving your foot function and you will solve the problem.

When wearing winter boots, wear natural boots that allow your feet to move properly.

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