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This weeks short microdose is all about blisters. Specifically, I talk about why they happen and how wearing properly fitted natural footwear prevents them.

A blister is a small pocket of fluid in the upper skin layers and is the body's response to friction or pressure. Feet are particularly prone to blisters because of ill fitting footwear that is unnaturally shaped and stiff.

Our feet naturally fan out and are widest at the tip of the toes. Unnatural footwear generally tapers into a point and gets narrower at the tip of our toes. This mismatch creates areas of pressure and friction which can result in blisters. The blisters are a clever way that the body cushions the area from further damage as the area heals. In narrow, pointed shoes with little extra space, blisters can be excruciating.

Natural footwear is foot shaped. The profile of the shoe widens at the forefoot and allows space for our feet to naturally fan out at the toes. This eliminates pressure points that create blisters.

Aside from shape, stiff footwear is also a major cause of blisters. When the shoes we wear are rigid and don't move in harmony with our feet, the resulting friction between our skin and the shoe is a common source of blisters. Natural footwear is flexible and moves with your feet instead of against them which eliminates the friction between your foot and the shoe, thereby preventing blisters.

A final cause of blisters from footwear is from footwear that is too large. If your foot is able to shift around within the shoe (front and back or heel lifting up and down), this can create a source of friction and result in blisters.

In our microdose about sizing, we dive deep into finding the right fit and selecting the right size shoe based on your foot shape, size and the activity you're using the shoe for. It's all about finding the goldilocks zone - not too big, not too small, just right.



- Foot blisters are caused by ill fitting footwear

- Blisters are caused by shoes that aren't shaped like feet, shoes that are stiff and don't move in harmony with your feet or shoes that are too big

- Prevent blisters by wearing natural footwear that is shaped like feet and moves with your feet (instead of against them)

- When the right size is chosen, natural footwear eliminates blisters and doesn't require a "break in" period


I hope you found this microdose helpful. If you know someone that is constantly complaining of sore feet or blisters from their shoes, share this article and help them free their sole from unnatural footwear.

Thanks for reading, thanks for taking care of yourself and thanks for spreading the word.

Much Love





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