Arch support

in Oct 25, 2023

Hi friends

Today's microdose is about arch support.

Many people seem to think a “good” shoe is one with arch support.

I’m here to call bullshit on that and present the alternative perspective that arch support in shoes disables our feet.

One of the 5 Fs of natural footwear is Flat. Flat from heel to toe and a footbed with a flat profile (aka an interior footbed with zero arch support).

If you haven’t already read the previous log covering the S.A.I.D principle, do it now. If you have, I encourage you to read it again as a refresher. Understanding the SAID principle will offer deeper context to the logic I’m using below.

Artificial support (arch support in shoes or supportive orthotics) disables our feet by:

1) Weakening muscles that stabilize the natural arch of the foot.


2) Limiting pronation which is a really important and a REQUIRED position for a functional foot.

Through the SAID lens: the imposed demand of reduced loading of the arch results in the specific adaptation of reduced ability to support the arch naturally. It weakens the foot.

Not sure about you but I don’t want weak feet that are fragile and get injured frequently.

I want strong feet that are adaptable and resilient to injury.

If you want to develop strong feet, wear natural footwear that is flat and has no external support.

If you want to develop weak feet that get injured easily, wear shoes with arch support.

That’s it for today.

Keep it simple because it is simple.

Share this with someone who is ready to develop strong, resilient feet that support them for a long life of movement.

Ciao for now




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