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Xeroshoes Prio. Men's (Black)

Xeroshoes Prio. Men's (Black)

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Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, hitting the gym, or toeing a slackline, you’ll love the Prio’s combination of freedom and protection.

We recommend ordering your usual size.

The NEW Prio is a high-performance, true minimalist running and fitness shoe. The Prio is about proPRIOception.

Your feet are supposed to move, bend, flex and feel… the Prio lets you do that.

    • Natural FIT — A wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax. Plus the “XERO-drop” sole (non-elevated heel and low-to-the-ground) allows for proper posture, balance, and agility
    • Natural MOTION — The Prio is flexible enough to let your feet bend, move, and flex the way, well, that feet are supposed to. Plus, they’re so lightweight, you’ll barely know you have them on. A men's 9 is only 7.6 ounces each
    • Natural FEEL — The Prio uses the same 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber from xeroshoes Z-Trek sandal, so you get great protection while still getting the ground feedback that your feet like. With an optional 2mm insole, the Prio lets you Feel The World®
    • Vegan-friendly materials — No animal products in the Prio
    • Huarache-inspired design — The heel strap is not only eye-catching but functional
    • Adjustable instep strap — The “inverted V” straps aren’t sewn down, so you can use them to lock in your instep while keeping your toes free to move
    • Reflective straps — That middle section of the heel and instep straps are highly reflective for evenings and night
    • Optional 2mm insole — If you need a bit of extra protection, toss in the optional 2mm insole
    • Barefoot-friendly — Wear the Prio with or without socks


Customer Reviews

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Fits great and so far excellent while using it for walking long distances

Maxime Auger
Feels great !!

I wear them at the gym for my legs workout and it’s perfect. They hold to feet greatly, and you can feel the ground. Definitely recommend 👍


Nice shoes , i use them in the gym when i workout my legs and they’re awesome ! They feel great and they provide just enough support at the heels. I’m glad i bought them =)