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Rewilding In Progress - marled crewneck

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The message

Rewild: to restore to its natural state

A commitment to Rewild yourself is a decision to undomesticate your behaviours, your body and your mind. It means breaking out of the zoo that modern society has become and revering back to our innately natural state as a wild being.

A thriving, happy, healthy human that embraces everyday as an opportunity to interact with the environment, connect with other humans, to move, to play and to be wild. 

Health is a process and not a destination. Likewise, rewilding is a constant work in progress. Making small changes and being 1% better everyday. 

TFC's new community clothing is about the message, not our brand. It's why we chose to not place any of our company branding on the garments and instead made it all about the message.

Our goal is to have the clothing act as an anchor to constantly remind you of your commitment to rewild yourself. To lead your own community by being the example and using your clothing as a way to inspire others to take the same journey. 


The Garments

Created in collaboration with Canadian company Local Laundry, all garments are proudly made in Canada by people making a living wage.

This Makes the garments more expensive but we think its worth the benefits of higher quality clothing, reducing our footprint and working with a company that gives back 10% of their profits to local charities

Sizing: All garments are unisex and come in sizes from XS to XL



Our new standard with Community centred apparel: 100% pricing transparency


Our costs:

Tees: $31.50 (price: $41.50)

Marled crewneck: $63.00 (price: $83.00)

Organic bamboo crewneck: $68.25 (price: $88.25)


Our profits: We make $10 on each tee and $20 on each crewneck

Our intention: to reinvest all revenue into new apparel campaigns

Thanks for supporting TFC. We look forward to an amazing future bringing you amazing products and guidance for your health journey. 


- TFC Tribe

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