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Lems Primal Zen. Unisex (Asphalt)

Lems Primal Zen. Unisex (Asphalt)

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It took Lems nearly a decade of thoughtful design and prototyping to create the Primal Zen - the successor to the beloved Primal 2! The Primal Zen offers the same minimalist casual shoe that is vegan-friendly and zero-drop, but with some added cushion and a more grounded base. Its newly designed outsole guarantees that ultra-light fit and feel you've come to love in the Primal 2, yet adds a bit more protection and durability with its platform that naturally wraps the shape of the foot. Its upper is built with a combination of breathable air mesh and microfiber, so your feet will truly feel at peace wherever your next journey takes you!


Their proprietary IBR outsole is what makes Lems incredibly lightweight and flexible - giving your foot the sense of weightlessness.


The vegan-friendly materials combine a PU synthetic upper with air mesh for maximum air flow to wick away moisture and keep you presentable all day long!


Places the forefoot and heel flat to the ground correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike.


Unlike traditional footwear that squeeze the toes together, Lems foot-shaped toe box allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicholas Zambon
Never have I ever

Never have I ever had a pair of shoes be so comfortable from day one. Bought these a day before leaving on a trip to the Philippines; I only wore them around the house for part of that day before using them for 95% of my trip and I had zero issues the entire time. As recommended when I was making the purchase, these were a perfect entry into barefoot shoes--not too minimal, with enough padding to wear all day. Only issue is that I'm finding it hard to wear any other shoes now, much to my wife's dismay (they aren't the most stylish shoe ha).


Really comfy, love that the bottom is flat and not rounded out like the previous Primal version! My go to gym shoes. Lightweight and go with any outfit

Pedro Hurtado
My first barefoot shoes

After suffering from flat feet all my life I try barefoot, and then shoes and these shoes are AMAZING for an entry level. They so flexible and thin, so comfy I’ve worn them for work for about a month (not suitable for snow). Can’t wait to try the barefoot boots from Lems!

J-F Blain
Best comfort shoes !!

For me it’s the best fit and comfort shoes! Only complaint, the outsole wears out fast!?!

Krista Hartt

Lems Primal Zen. Unisex (Asphalt)