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Foot Restoration Kit - Cork Ball

Foot Restoration Kit - Cork Ball

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The TFC Foot Restoration Kit contains everything you need to fix your feet and restore them to a painfree, strong, healthy state.

Each kit includes a foot mobility cork ball and a pair of Wild Toes (one size fits all).

For more information about Wild Toes click the link below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 372 reviews
Ethan Phelps
Pleasantly Surprised

I’ve tried other sets of toe separators and I really like these ones. I wasn’t sure at first because my shoe size is a 17 and sometimes sizing is difficult. They’re comfortable and work as they should.

Fiona M
I love my Wild Toes!

Over the years my feet have gotten worse and worse despite the use of orthotics and "supportive" shoes. I may have a long way to go to restoring good foot health but my wild toes allow me to walk around bare foot on my hard wooden floors without issue. Previously I couldn't stand not having shoes on for more than 5 minutes as I have a spur in my left heel. With the wild toes and better footwear, I feel that my feet will slowly heal. Even if they never get close to completely as they should be, I know they have already changed for the better.

Brooke Cairns
They actually work!

I’ve tried toe separates before and they didn’t work, but gave your brand ago. I found the toe separates are awkward but comfortable at the same time. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone.

Bill McCabe
Immediate relief

Immediately made my feet feel better and relieved stress and tension.


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