Mindset [2]

in May 28, 2024

Hi friends. This short microdose for the sole is about mindset.

I define mindset as the set of beliefs that shape how I make sense of the world and myself. My mindset influences how I think, feel and behave in any situation and my beliefs about myself also heavily impact my success or failure when facing challenges.

When approaching the challenge of improving health it's important to adopt a long term mindset. Instead of trying to change everything overnight (which almost never works), focus on making small changes everyday. Curiosity, patience and consistency are keys to success on the journey of restoring healthy feet.

1% better everyday compounds into significant progress over a long period of time. That might mean throwing out a pair of unnatural shoes, going on an extra 20 minute walk in natural shoes everyday, spending time barefoot on grass every morning or watching netflix on the ground instead of on the couch. It's the simple things that can sometimes make the biggest difference when done consistently.

In my experience, beliefs often govern reality. In the context of foot health, whether you believe 1) you can restore strong, healthy, painfree feet or 2) you can't restore healthy feet, either way you're right. My point in saying that is that the mindset we adopt is often the critical factor that determines success or failure so why not adopt a positive, empowering mindset that we have the power to improve our foot health?

When we think long term, focus on small daily changes, are patient, curious and do the right things, progress is guaranteed.

Our mission at Sole Freedom is to provide high quality education resources to feed your curiosity, to encourage our community on their journey to restore healthy feet, to provide tools that make the journey more fun and to have fun doing it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for taking care of yourself.

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