TFC-beam system

TFC is excited to announce that our first piece of balance equipment will be launching in January 2018 with the TFC-beam 1.0



There's plenty of inexpensive ways to create a balance beam for use at home. A 2"x4" of lumber works great to start and we actively encourage people to create their own apparatus. For those who want something durable, portable, compact and modular (with many add on features to come in 2018), the TFC-beam 1.0 is a great tool for personal use, gyms, sports team and rehab facilities to have on site. 

Our goal is to continue improving the system with new features and lower pricing as time passes. More people purchasing the system = better economies of scale = lower prices. 

It might seem like a basic and simple tool but when used consistently (starting with a daily 5 minute routine) and alongside some basic tissue resets, it can completely transform your foot and hip stability. 



Each TFC-beam 1.0 includes:

-Single unit of the TFC-b 1.0 made of two cast aluminum couplings (includes hardware) and a 34" piece of 6061 schedule 40 aluminum tubing (48mm diameter)

-An information card with serial #, Inspection signature and a link which gives you access to a series of online categorized and progressively more difficult exercises. Alongside our TFC community, our group of therapists will continually refine and add to the exercises to make sure there is always an option to challenge yourself

-The exercises will be categorized numerically to make sure you know exactly where to go next once you master one level. The system will be self limiting which means you only move on to the next once you have achieved the standard at the previous step

Price: $185 CAD




Stability training system

In order to allow you to be completely independent in your stability training our team has created a database of exercises rated within a system of progressively increasing difficulty. All exercises are to be done looking straight (no looking down at your feet) and each standard is either based on number of reps or amount of time. 

Once you master one exercise, move on to different variations or difficulty levels as you progress. 5 categories from easiest (1) to most difficult (5) with demonstration videos posted for each one.