Collection: TFC Frescobol

The newest flow project at TFC: Freestyle Frescobol

Our team over at TFC HQ in Ottawa has been playing fresco as a way to reset the mind and get some friendly competition in the office. Great way to make beam work more challenging or to train footwork and hand eye coordination. 

Initial tricks are posted at @tfc.frescobol on instagram and we will continually add to them. Master the tricks and put together your own 50 second sequence with the goal of getting max points (Sequence must start and finish with the ball resting on the paddle under control)

- GET A $10 REFUND if you tag @tfc.frescobol in a video of you using your new TFC paddle and we post the video to our profile. 

- GET A $10 REFUND if you create a new trick, send it to us and we add it to our TFC trick list online.