Collection: 2019 TFC Seminar

Our team worked hard to refine our flagship 6 hour seminar in 2018 and are ready to launch the updated 2019 TFC Seminar with a West Coast tour.

Updates for 2019 Seminar:

- Registration fee: $325 CAD per person ($265 for seminars within Canada) which includes seminar registration, a course manual, a foot restoration kit, two extra pairs of toe spreaders to spread the toe love, 25% off a 48" beam 1.1 and legs to pickup at the seminar (if ordered 6 weeks prior to the seminar date) and a 20% discount code on any pair of shoes available at

- Minimum number per seminar: 20

- Maximum registrants per instructor: 30

New for 2019:

- Early sellout refund: If a seminar sells out within 4 weeks of registration opening we refund everyone $40.

- Sellout Bonus: If a seminar sells out (reaches 30 person cap) Everyone gets a TFC swag bag at the end of the seminar and we will give away a 36" TFC beam 1.1 to the winner of the beam tournament at the end of the seminar.

- Finders discount: Any participant who connects us with a facility to host gets free registration and a 5 pack of toe spreaders.

- Host the instructor: Any seminar registrant willing to host our instructor for a seminar gets free registration. Includes helping with transportation if able, hosting the instructor for dinner (they promise to do the dishes) and providing a bed/washroom during their stay.

- Host Facility Perks*: Our standard arrangement with facilities willing to host a seminar includes a space rental fee of $350 CAD (or $500 in TFC product), Two free staff registrations, two 1/2 price staff registrations, 25% off up to 4 TFC beams and wholesale accessory purchasing.

Bonus rewards: 1) Early sellout: If a course at your facility hits our cap of 30 within 6 weeks 


*Minimum 50sf per registrant of open space (ex: 20 people requires 1000 sf of open space)

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